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Lost trailers can cost fleet owners dear! New Trailer Tracking solution from Mandata to give live visibility of trailer whereabouts

You'll always know the whereabouts of your trailers with our new trailer tracking solution from Mandata. Via the Manpack3 TMS, Advanced Services web portal and Tracking Apps you'll be able to see the last known location of each trailer being tracked.

The tracking device located in each trailer pings once every hour and comes with a two year battery life.

Trailer Tracking solution gives us complete and accurate data says TT Express:

The new integrated Trailer Tracking solution from Mandata has received an excellent review from Oldham-based Logistics and Distribution company TT Express after it made the switch to Mandata’s TMS and integrated tracking solutions.

TT Express was one of the first companies to implement Mandata’s new Trailer Tracking which enables Mandata TMS and Tracking users to see the last known location of each trailer being tracked via its TMS, web portal and mobile Apps.

“Our previous systems were highly inefficient. With no integration between our back-office system and vehicle tracking, the information we got from the systems was limited and piecemeal,” said Vlad Costache, General Manager.

Vlad says one of the earliest benefits his company has realised has been the improved visibility of its trailers: “Trailer tracking is a key component for us as we need to know where our trailers are at all times. It’s so easy to lose track of them as they can be left for a number of days at different customer premises or are often used as stand trailers.”

The previous trailer tracking solution proved to be a hindrance to the business. Battery packs were only lasting a matter of months and had to be reinstalled – this all cost the company time and resulted in a loss of visibility as well as additional trailer parking charges being incurred.

“The trailer tracking battery packs from Mandata have been in for a few months now and they’re working well. The tracking data is accurate and live and that’s helping us to act quickly and dynamically manage the size of our trailer pool according to changing requirements.”

“With regards to vehicle tracking, the amount of data available to us in real-time is impressive. Thanks to the integrated reporting suite we can navigate this data and extract the parameters which are meaningful to us. We’re now also able to compare the efficiency of the different types of vehicles, which helps us construct future vehicle purchasing requirements. Although we have only deployed the system a few months ago, we have already identified a number of low performing vehicles which will be phased out at our next fleet refresh,” said Vlad.

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