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DHL Freight expands collaboration with BMW

DHL Freight

Leading Europe road freight services provider DHL Freight has strengthened its position in automotive logistics by successfully renewing and expanding its collaboration with the BMW Group, thanks in part to its custom-tailored ‘Connected Supply Chain’ solution to monitor and optimize flow of goods.

It will continue to manage the vehicle manufacturer’s overland transport in 17 countries covered by the companies’ previous contract. And as a result of the tender, DHL Freight also won an expansion of the collaboration, taking on supply chain management of the BMW Group in seven additional areas.

A new DHL Freight custom-made logistics solution was successfully implemented as part of the contract conclusion, the company said.

Uwe Brinks, CEO of DHL Freight, commented: “With BMW, we set out to create a solution specifically designed for their needs, one that would provide complete transparency throughout the supply chain, allowing the customer a consolidated overview of extremely complex processes. We have achieved this with Connected Supply Chain, a solution that gives BMW and their partners at DHL Freight the ability to manage potential issues and identify opportunities for further optimization.”

It said Connected Supply Chain (CSC) depicts the entire supply chain digitally, delivering real-time, end-to-end visibility and management control to all relevant stakeholders. Aspects such as order and status data are visible via a central portal, and orders receive a single reference number from beginning to end.

Drivers can access the system via a mobile application designed specifically for them. DHL Freight’s solution was developed together with AXIT, a specialist for in cloud-based IT solutions for managing cross-enterprise logistics processes, in order to feed CSC with the relevant information.

“The transparency and control afforded by CSC give BMW a real-time overview of developments,” DHL said. “They can identify potential risks or emergency situations immediately and rapidly counteract them with the support of DHL Freight.”

As part of the solution, DHL Freight has established a Control Tower, where all streams of goods in Europe are monitored, providing an opportunity to consolidate complex data and identify areas where operations may be optimized. BMW can, thereby, identify potential for savings and monitor the performance of suppliers and carriers in real-time, DHL noted.

DHL Freight’s new contract with the BMW Group covers the management of about 90,000 shipments per month within a simultaneously dependable and highly flexible network. Temperature-controlled shipping and dedicated transports are available in all areas covered by the contract, the company noted.


Source : Lloyds Loading List

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