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DB Cargo UK: celebrating with Malcolm Logistics and winning with Ward Bros

A stunning scene of the Scottish Highlands adorns DB Cargo UK’s locomotive 90024 to celebrate the company’s successful and ongoing partnership with Malcolm Logistics.

DB Cargo UK, the country’s leading rail freight operator, has enjoyed a close working relationship with Malcolm Logistics since April 2014, evidencing that collaboration is key to providing effective and modern logistics solutions. To celebrate this successful partnership DB Cargo UK’s loco 90024 has been wrapped in a stunning scene of Coigach in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland.

Geoff Spencer, CEO of DB Cargo UK, said:

“We’re proud to have built such a successful working partnership with Malcolm Logistics. We run 12 trains a week, including on weekends, between Daventry in Northamptonshire to Grangemouth and Mossend in Scotland, a 660 mile round trip, supplying goods that families buy every day on the high street. This collaboration offers intelligent logistics solutions right across the supply chain, not just for our direct customers, but ultimately for consumers too.”

The DB Cargo UK service achieved one of the highest delivery levels by rail for Malcolm Logistics in 2015 with over 97% of trains running on time to terminals and a whopping 26,000 containers handled.

Andrew Malcolm, CEO Malcolm Group, said:

“We are delighted that DB Cargo UK has adopted the Malcolm Logistics branding on this loco to cement our partnership with them. We have already been using a number of stunning Scottish landscapes by Colin Prior on some of our road trailer fleet, so the opportunity to extend this to our Rail Division and highlight our multimodal capability between DIRFT and Central Scotland is most welcome.

“Carrying freight by rail plays an important part in protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions for us all, and providing a fast, efficient supply chain for moving raw materials and consumer goods while reducing pressure on the road network.”

The impressive scene which now adorns DB Cargo UK loco 90024 is of Ben Mòr Coigach, Stac Pollaidh and Cùl Beag from Loch Cùl Dromannan, Coigach, Scotland, beautifully captured by internationally renowned landscape photographer Colin Prior.

Colin said:

“Seeing my images of Scotland used at such large sizes was a great privilege – first on the sides of moving floor trailers but now on a train – it must be the first time in history that Scotland has travelled to the people and not the other way round! It’s a really innovative way to promote and celebrate Scotland’s wild and iconic landscapes.”

Separately, DB Cargo UK has sealed a contract win with scrap metal merchants Ward Bros (Steel) Limited, a customer that is brand new to rail freight.

Ward Bros has hired DB Cargo UK to transport materials by rail from its scrap processing facility at the Port of Sunderland to the Celsa Steel UK works in Cardiff.

The trains carrying the metal are the first to run out of the Port of Sunderland since 1998.  

The contract was awarded to DB Cargo UK because of the rail freight operator’s excellent reputation for customer service and its provision of specialist MBA rail wagons.

As scrap metal is not compacted, the length and size of the MBA wagons means that a heavy weight of material can still be carried, despite its large size.

DB Cargo UK is currently operating one service per week for Ward Bros, carrying around 1,250 tonnes of material on each train.

The scrap metal is processed at the CELSA Steel Works to make finished metal products, including rebars used in the construction industry.  

Sonia Hampton, Account Manager Metals at DB Cargo UK, said:

“We are proud that Ward Bros chose DB Cargo UK for its first ever rail freight contract.

“We offer highly efficient solutions for transporting large materials built upon decades of experience working with companies across the metals sector.    

“There is real value to customers in using rail freight to deliver their goods, including that it produces fewer emissions than road and can help to ease traffic congestion.

“As a company that strives to increase our eco-performance we are delighted that we are able to help Ward Bros deliver materials that will later be recycled and look forward to working with them on this new contract.”

Chris Hagg, Head of External Affairs at CELSA Steel UK, said:

“CELSA is proud to be a part of this great British manufacturing story, which will see scrap delivered from Sunderland recycled into top grade and responsibly sourced steel in Cardiff.  
“In supporting UK supply chains, we promote sustainability and support thousands of livelihoods across the UK.

“We can proudly say that our steel is: Made in the UK. To Build the UK.”

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