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A2B-online increases its capacity to London Thamesport

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“With all initiatives that we have developed, volume is still increasing despite talks regarding Brexit, “says Gerard de Groot, Managing Director of A2B-online Container B.V.

”Consequently, we will be operating more tonnage with seven ships out of Moerdijk having a total ship's capacity of 360,000 TEU.

“The acquisition of MS Norfeeder, again a Sietas 151 type of vessel of 508 TEU and in the meantime renamed into MS ‘A2B Spirit’, is a natural step in our existence. This means that we will operate with four owned container vessels of the same size and one that is slightly larger, the MS ‘ A2B Independent’, a Sietas 160a with 650 TEU, next to our two chartered container vessels of a somewhat smaller size. We will mainly increase capacity to the South this time adding to a total number of four sailings per week to London Thamesport in due course.”

“Furthermore we have spare capacity to adjust more sailings to London Thamesport or to other UK ports if and when required”, adds Michael van Keulen, Operations Director of A2B-online Container B.V.

“We do not notice any downfall regarding Brexit, actually we are doing 13% more in comparison to last year’s volume. Another interesting reason to add capacity to the South is, that if it is decided to go for a hard Brexit more volume is expected to be routed via Moerdijk. This because of customs procedures that may apply that will have a considerably (negative) effect on the supply chain for goods arriving the UK accompanied by either Channel Tunnel and/or Dover by ferry,” explains Bart van ‘t Hof Group Sales Director of A2B-online.

“The unique concept of customer focus and high frequency of sailings with a short transit time of goods and containers is so very effective and is so valuable for our customers, that creates business!” he concludes.

A2B-online Container B.V. is a multimodal short-sea operator and offers reliable short sea services from the port of Moerdijk to four different ports in the United Kingdom being: London Thamesport, Immingham, Teesport and Blyth.

The following current sailings are offered:

•             11x sailings per week from Moerdijk to Immingham and vice versa

•             3x sailings per week from Moerdijk to London Thamesport and vice versa

•             2x sailings per week from Moerdijk to Teesport & Blyth and vice versa

Next to quay to quay service for so-called shippers owned equipment a door to door service is offered with an own fleet of 1400x 45ft containers.

A2B-online Container B.V. is located in Moerdijk from where all operations are centrally managed.

A2B-online offers a professional and flexible service for complete loads and part load consignments from and to the UK. From The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, A2B-online offers you a daily service based on our own assets.

A2B-online's fleet consists of 450x state-of-the-art tautliners and mega trailers, pulled by A2B-online-owned traction capacity to a large extent. The whole operation is being controlled and coordinated from our two offices in Hazerswoude (NL) and Felixstowe (UK).

A2B-online offers its customers a wide range of automated web-based systems allowing for cost-effective and efficient communication.

Opening Times

Tues 18th June 2019 10:00 - 17:00

Awards/VIP Dinner 19:00 - 24:00

Wed 19th June 2019 10:00 - 19:00

Multimodal Mixer 17:00 - 19:00
(Late night opening & happy hour)

Thurs 20th June 2019 10:00 - 15:00


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